Hi Everyone, and welcome to Blooming with A. Rose! I want to thank you for taking a peek at my site. I’m fairly new to this but have always wanted to create my own blog for a multitude of purposes. I’ve always liked the idea of documenting some of my most worthwhile journeys into reflection and growth as well as helping others along with their journeys in life.

The purpose of Blooming with A. Rose is to not only offer support and knowledge, but to create a community for those looking to grow and develop themselves while offering insight and perspective from my own experiences. I am by no means at all a guru or someone who has mastered any one thing to its fullest. I am an individual looking to become healthier, more compassionate, less hateful and vengeful, and overall a better “me”.   

“I want to become a better me.”

It wasn’t until about 3 years ago when I found myself hating life with an intense passion that I really made the commitment to bettering myself. I had always wanted to better myself and I’m naturally very optimistic but going through the daily motions of working 2 jobs and then attending evening college classes was killing me. How much more time and energy could I put towards another thing? My schedule was almost always full and when it wasn’t, all I wanted to do was sleep! I hated how hard things seemed to be for me. Before I get any further, let me provide you with a quick background on my life:

By the time my brothers and I were born, our parents still did not have their shit together. So needless to say, growing up proved to be difficult when we lacked even the most basic things needed. We did have an everlasting well of love, affection, and support from both parents so maybe we did have the basics but that was all.

I remember being about 5 or 6 years old and thinking to myself, “When I get older, I’m gonna make it so that we never go without the things that we need and want. No one will suffer or struggle”.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to a 17 year old me that had graduated high school early and enrolled in college soon after. I had a full time job, was taking full time college classes, volunteering in youth activities and events, while exploring a hobby in film work. I was such a busy bee, happy and open to any and all opportunities that came my way (my perception at that time was that a girl like me, coming from where I came from could never have anything good). I was also a hard worker and thought that was going to be my way out. My way to success.

The majority of my working life, I’ve held 2 jobs simultaneously. This is partly due to my fear of living without means and also because I thought that would be my way out. In addition, I was taking care of my younger brother and sending money back to my mother. I was certain I was doing the right thing. And although it made me happy to take care of my family, I was so unhappy with myself and where I was in life.

After finding myself pregnant and laid off from work, we had to move in with my parents (which for the most part I hated). And then I was blessed with finding not just a job that I was passionate about and loved, but a community of people with like minds that provided me with the love and support I needed to grow. I had no idea how much healing I needed and how that space facilitated not only healing but love and forgiveness. It was an amazing experience that opened my eyes and transformed me!

I didn’t really realize how angry and sick I was making myself. My thoughts and feelings were breeding this sickness for a very long time. When I finally decided to let all the yucky stuff go, my life started getting better. My relationship with my parents was able to be mended and I was finally able to forgive them. My relationship with my significant other began to grow and bloom right before my eyes! I was able to feel love and compassion flow through me again.

Since then, I have been a work in progress and am making conscious efforts to be a better me. The first step for me was actually becoming aware of my ill thinking and habits. And then the raw desire to want to change has catapulted me to higher grounds. This life can be so fulfilling and the best part is that we have the ability to live the life we want to!

Join Me

I invite you to join me in Blooming with A. Rose! Grow with me and partake in my journeys and experiences so that they may offer insight and assist in your development! You are not in this alone!

Please feel free to share your story and what your catalyst was that created an interest in causing you to want to better yourself. These catalysts are highly significant as they are the opening act in obtaining consciousness and perspective, therefore creating a new path for you to improve upon.

-A. Rose