Career Woman or Mommy Life?

Career Woman or Mommy Life?

Me as a Career Woman: Almost always well dressed and put together, my own office, good at what I do, respected at work, worked from the bottom to get to the top, dedicated employee, asset to the company, amazing salary with stellar benefits, happy with what I do for a living, putting my best foot forward, grateful for the recognition, gaining experience, running my own business, being successful.

Not to mention: long hours, frustration, deadlines, rude clients, not wanting to go to work, being late, calling out sick, not getting along with an employee, not getting paid what you are worth, working long, hard hours and sometimes without recognition, asshole bosses, changes that make working conditions worse, not making enough to live.

Me in Mommy Life: Yoga pants and hoodies, cuddling on the couch with my son, showing him cartoons his father and I used to watch as kids, practicing spelling and reading, making even the most boring or simplest things fun adventures, cooking all day, field trips with the kid and the puppies, nap times for mommy and baby, hearing “I love you” from my kid, tiny hugs and sweet kisses, giggles, sharing snacks, the smooth cycle of keeping the household efficiently and effectively running.

Not to mention: constantly cleaning messes not made by myself, always having to keep an eye out for my son and dogs, lack of sleep, going crazy from lack of adult interaction, having to raise my voice to be heard, repeating myself, answering silly questions a million times, dealing with a non-compliant child, crying from exhaustion and lack of energy.

Before I fell in love and became a mom, I thought I was only going to be a “super” career woman. I thought this way because all the signs in my life leading up until that point had lead me to believe so. I thought that my career would’ve been my entire life. I was going to stay single, buy a house and have my younger brother live with me, have a few cats, provide for my family so that no one has to struggle anymore, and just be devoted to my career. That was going to my life.

I didn’t ever think in a million years that I would fall in love and become a mother. That old-school, die hard romantic love was something that I could only fantasize about and explore in my head. I didn’t think it was for me and I was okay with that. My priority was making sure that my family was taken care of and that they had what they needed. I prayed for it but only if it was meant to be. I used to fantasize about my knight in shining armor coming through the doors of where I worked and us riding off together, with him taking me far away to be together in love forever and ever.

And then it happened. I met him and it was love at first sight. Through anything and everything. And then I fell in love again when we had our son. That first moment when I heard him cry and when I held him for the first time, made me want to give everything he would ever need to be a good man and be successful in life.

I had originally planned to stay home until my kid started school, at which time I’d begin looking for employment. It didn’t turn out that way as I accepted an offer to work for an amazing company. I’m still working but really prefer to be a stay at home mom nowadays. Those first years before they start school are so crucial for both parents and kids. On the other hand, I’m also working hard to build on something that can benefit my kid in the long run. I suppose that in some ways, it is more important that I build to create a sense of security for my son-something that my brothers and I never had that put us at a huge disadvantage in life. I definitely don’t want that for my son.

So how do you decide and can you have both? In today’s current market, there are opportunities for moms to have/create careers all while staying home with the kids. This!!!! This is the dream life for a lot of moms I know, including myself! This is the optimal combination for those struggling to decide when both options are wanted. And, there are plenty of career women out there doing it from the comfort of their home in pj’s. That is the freedom that many moms are looking for nowadays.

Are you a work-at-home-mom? How did you do it? What kind of work are you doing? Do you have any suggestions for moms wanting to make the transition or start their own business? Please share your experiences below!

A. Rose

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