I’m Back!

I’m Back!

“ I’m Baaaaaaaacccckkkkk!!!”

Hello Everyone!!!! I’m finally back after an extensively long hiatus while I intentionally focused on being better at my job and even enrolled myself back in school to finish my degree. After all, I was in such a rut for so long that I needed to take action to better my situation. Years of stress and worrying myself sick over all the minute details of my life; half-knowing that I was powerless to make an instant miracle happen, but then also half-knowing that I was powerful enough to create opportunities for myself.

These past couple of years have been such a roller coaster ride for me! Let’s see. Within that time, I had some serious issues with adjusting to a new job, started and stopped blogging about 4 times, and have been working hard to complete my degree. It’s something that I started a long time ago and should’ve completed way sooner.  

Now that I am back on track and comfortably settled in, it’s only naturally right that I continue on with my blog as I didn’t plan to take that much time off. I was honestly going through some changes and needed to get my mind right so that I could focus on areas that lacked my attention. I hope that you get the most out of these upcoming blog posts through my experience and the knowledge that I’ve acquired. This is the sole purpose of sharing my blog posts with you. Enjoy!!!

A. Rose

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